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“The Lord welcomes good and faithful servants into His joys”
In spiritual matters, you and I have no ability. But, God makes us, who are by nature wicked servants, good servants. God makes us, who are by nature slothful servants, faithful servants. So, He welcomes believers into His joys.
“We feebly struggle; the saints in glory shine”
As a popular All Saints’ Day hymn has us sing, we feebly struggle, and we struggle with all sorts of things. But, God makes us holy saints on earth so that we can be holy saints in heaven. Yes, we still feebly struggle, but one day we also will in glory shine.
“We ‘thank’ God by confessing our sin and His mercy”
You might be surprised, as I was, that a Biblical scholar thinks that no Hebrew verb in the Old Testament means what we think of as “to thank”. His view gives a different understanding to a psalm verse that many may know and routinely pray.
Our Mission Statement
The mission of Pilgrim Lutheran Church is to glorify God in proclaiming the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ with Word and deed in our midst, in our community, and throughout the world.