Members and friends of the congregation share the first meal in the new Parish Hall before the first night of Vacation Bible School on July 17, 2017. Such meals before VBS, as those before Advent and Lenten midweek services and those on Sundays before Voters’ Meetings, are just some of the opportunities for people to get to know one another better at Pilgrim Lutheran Church. Photo: Jim & Holly Treadway.

Pilgrim Lutheran Church is where Biblical and confessional Lutheran Christians from the Kilgore area gather together to receive the forgiveness of sins from God’s Word and Sacraments set in the context of liturgical worship. We are a relatively small and close-knit group whose members love and care for one another and for those around us in our community, state, country, and world. Despite being close-knit, we welcome others into our midst and offer the links on this page to lead you to more information about us.

Welcome – receive a greeting and words about being with us online and onsite
What We Believe – see different facets of the one jewel that is Christian doctrine
Mission Work – discover how Pilgrim and her members fit in the Christ’s work
Our Pastor – read a brief biography of the under-shepherd God called to serve us
Church Shopping – better understand the term “church” and finding the right one
Join Us – be invited to become part of our congregation and realize how to do so
Why “Pilgrim” Lutheran Church – learn about our name and what it represents
Our History – find milestones and a narrative with pictures of Pilgrim’s past
Our Website – credit is given where credit is due, with some explanations, too

Much more can be said about us than we can communicate by way of this website. You are always welcome to get more by contacting us via email, telephone, or in person, using the contact information on the right.